20 tell tell signs of a healthy relationship!

One thing that I always say is that marriage is a living organism, if you prune it and water it, it will grow. There are ways to make sure that not only is each person in the relationship is healthy, but to make sure the whole relationship or marriage is healthy. These clues can be used to assess not only romantic relationships but friendships.
Both parties can give 3 reasons how the other person has improved their life.
Both parties feel like they can be themselves in the relationship.
There is no fear when it comes to communication even if the topics are hard.
There are no major secrets that are hidden from one of the parties.
Both parties encourage and support the each other’s dreams.
Both parties propel each other to walk in righteousness and integrity.
Both parties feel understood and loved by the other person.
Both Parties go the extra mile to show the other person they love them.
Both parties serve each other.
Both parties respect and honor each other in front of other people.
Both parties respect the union(if married) keeping the marriage bed pure. The are not involved in sexually deviant behavior (pornography, affairs, deviant sex).
Both Parties do not let the other settle for mediocrity, but pushes the other to be the best.
Both parties create a space for their mate to be themselves.
Both parties enjoy free time away from their partner.
Both parties have clear and healthy boundaries in the relationship.
Both parties enjoying laughing together.
As a couple, you have things you do together that are “your” things.
Both parties easily forgive and do not hold grudges.
Both parties have clarity on the direction of the relationships and expectations.
Both parties are committed to working out any challenges or difficulties that may arise.


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